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3D printing (Additive Manufacturing) is a method of building physical objects by adding subsequent layers of material to a build surface until the complete object is formed. The technology allows the simplest and most complex of designs to be turned into real objects. At 3D Productions we currently use Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) which can create your 3D part using a variety of high quality thermoplastics.


Take advantage of our rapidly growing Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) service to produce your products in bulk and bring them to market in no time and with no prohibitive upfront tooling costs.

We offer discounts for bulk printing to make it easier for anyone to get their idea made a reality..

So go ahead and get a quotation!


Sample 3D prints

This is a slideshow of just a few of the 3D prints we have created for our clients. Due to the versatility of 3D printing there is almost no limit to what can be 3D printed.

3D printing quote
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