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GADZIRA MK1 200 3D printer

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Final pricing and ordering dates will be confirmed soon!

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200X200X200mm build volume

As the name suggests, the GADZIRA MK1 200 has a 3D printing build volume of 200x200x200mm. This build volume comes packaged in a compact machine that can fit atop any desk.

mesh bed levelling

The GADZIRA 3D printer can be equipped with an optional bed levelling probe to automatically create a detailed mesh of the print surface so that any imperfections can be accounted for and a perfect first layer is effortless to achieve.

Filament runout sensor

The filament runout sensor will detect when the filament is used up during a print job and automatically pause the printer so that new filament can be loaded in by the user.

future-proof electronics

The GADZIRA MK1 200 is equipped with a future-proof 32 bit microcontroller to allow it to receive feature updates for years to come. Also included are trinamic stepper drivers which create silky smooth printing motions and keep the machine quite during operation.


The optional enclosure helps maintain a uniform temperature within the build volume to reduce warping when printing materials with a high level of thermal expansion such as ABS and Nylon. 

Additionally it keeps curious fingers away from the heated and moving parts of the 3D printer.


All 3D printing materials emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ultra fine particles (UFPs) so it is crucial to have sufficient ventilation in the area that the 3D printer is operating. The optional filtration system is equipped with a HEPA filter and PWM controlled exhaust fans to ensure the GADZIRA 3D printer is safe to use in environments with limited ventilation.

full remote control and monitoring

Use the integrated camera and WiFi functionality to control and monitor your 3D printer from anywhere via the internet. The GADZIRA MK1 200 can also be configured to run as an automated unit in a print farm.

..and more...

Even more exciting features will be announced soon! Join the waiting list to stay up to date on all the announcements for the GADZIRA 3D printer.

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